Entirely Skin Rewards Program

How does it work?
You can earn 10 points for every dollar you spend on our site. Once you have earned 3000 points you will receive the option upon checkout to redeem a $10 E-Gift Card to use for any order. E-Gift Card can not be combined with other discounts. 

What can I earn with points? 
3000 points = $10 E-Gift Card on order of $75 or more
5000 points = $25 E-Gift Card on order of $125 or more
10000 points = $50 E-Gift Card on order of $150 or more

I am already a customer, how do I start earning points? 
If you are a existing customer and as long as you have checked out using a registered account on our site, and have signed up to receive our newsletter, you will automatically earn points for eligible purchases.

What are other ways I can earn points? 
If you refer a friend and they make a purchase, you will automatically earn 150 reward points! There is no limit! To refer a friend, go to the my account page. 
Sign up for our newsletter:        3000 points
Create an account:                     3000 points
Share a post on Facebook:       1500 points
Write a review:                            1000 points