The Right Fix for Your Winter Face

Winter can reek havoc on the face.  However, everyone's skin responds differently to winter weather and need specialized treatment.

Fair Skin and/or Freckled Skin have less pigment and less natural UV protection, which requires a moisturizing sunscreen.

Olive-Toned/ Dark Skin have greater natural UV protection, but are at risk for long-term scarring from skin irritations, which requires a thick, creamy moisturizer to reduce irritation.

Dry Skin needs a heavier cream during the winter from a jar or tube to seal in moisture.

Flaky Skin occurs due to sunburn, windburn, or severe dryness, which requires exfoliating the face 1-2 times per week.  Try using an exfoliant with citric acid.

Combination Skin is the most challenging skin type to treat and may require different products for different areas of the face.

Greasy/ Oily Skin still requires treatment during the winter, despite the potential decrease in oil production. Try a lighweight moisturizer.

Sensitive Skin is easily irritated by harsh winter conditions, and therefore, requires products free of colors and fragrances.

Acne Skin, still, requires treatment, but it must not dry out the skin due to the dry, winter air. 

Chapped, Cracked Lips need love, too, and should be treated with a product that soothes and repairs broken skin.

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