• Easy Skincare Tips For When You Are Sick

    We are knee-deep in that time of year when everyone is getting sick, including yourself. Generally, one of the first things to go while we are stuck, sick in bed is the skincare regimen. Here are a few simple tips to nurse your skin as you nurse your health: 1. Humidify at Night Not only does t... View Post
  • How to treat "Tech Neck?"

    As technology grows, new ways emerge that cause us pain, which Physical Therapist Kelly Milan calls the Electronic Epidemic of Pain.  Tech Neck is part of this Epidemic.  Tech neck refers to neck pain, soreness, and stiffness that extends down in to the shoulder blades and mid back, as well as up... View Post
  • The Right Fix for Your Winter Face

    Winter can reek havoc on the face.  However, everyone's skin responds differently to winter weather and need specialized treatment. Fair Skin and/or Freckled Skin have less pigment and less natural UV protection, which requires a moisturizing sunscreen. TRY EltaMD UV Daily Broad-Spectrum SPF... View Post
  • 14 Tips: Caring for Winter Skin

    1. Wash in lukewarm water to avoid stripping your skin of too many oils. 2. Apply moisturizer to damp skin to help seal the dampness to the skin. TRY NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex - $118 (1.7 fl oz) 3. Choose an oil-based moisturizer to help your skin retain moisture. TRY Dermalogica Barrier R... View Post
  • 9 Reasons to Use Vitamin C Products

    Antioxidant-rich Vitamin C comes in the form of a cream or serum that is oil-and- water based. Here are the 9 benefits of using a Vitamin C based skincare product:  1. Promotes Collagen Production by filling in fine lines and wrinkles.2. Protects Against Sun Damag by helping to strengthen the ski... View Post
  • How Retinol Can Heal Your Skin!

    THE BENEFITS OF RETINOL FOR AGING SKIN Retinol is a derivative of the antioxidant Vitamin A that fights free radical damage and naturally slows the aging process. Retinol reduces pores, fine lines, and wrinkles by boosting collagen production in the skin. Furthermore, it visibly reduces the app... View Post

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